Arta Reposado

Thumbing our nose at the two-month minimum aging standards many producers adhere to, Arta Tequila Reposado is aged for 11 months (12 months and it would become Añejo) in 180 liter, American oak barrels. Arta’s award-winning Reposado is a medium body tequila with a golden wheat hue and gold highlights which presents aromatic notes of sweet almond butter and vanilla followed with a white pepper flower finish.  Smooth drinking silky olive texture with a presence of sweet pumpkin and barrel is ideal for pairing with ham, salami and cold appetizers.

You spend 11 months cooped up in an American white oak barrel and see how badly you want to party.


Tasting Notes

Appearance:Golden wheat color with transparent hues of gold highlights and slow tears
Aroma:Ripe pear, sweet almond butter, vanilla, and a light spice of white pepper flower
Taste:Sweet pumpkin and vanilla
Spirit Body:Medium body with a silky olive texture