Arta Añejo

We laugh in the face of the idea that 12 months is enough for any añejo, so we pushed it to the extreme.   After one year in an American white oak barrel, you get mischievous.  After two, you get straight up rebellious.

Aged 18-30 months then custom blended to Arta Añejo profile in Kentucky bourbon 180-liter American White Oak barrels lends a complexity of toasted cider, vanilla seeds, light chocolate, coffee, nuts and a finish of cinnamon. Unlike many other añejos, Arta is aged to the farthest edge for variety and would be savored when paired with rich meats and vanilla or chocolate desserts.

Tasting Notes

Appearance:Light amber tinged with golden and copper reflections
Aroma: Intense toasted apple cider, vanilla seed and coffee, light chocolate, and prunes with an intense cinnamon finish
Taste:Sweetness of ripe agave and oak
Spirit Body: High body with a velvety texture