Arta is born of the idea that tequila could be both steeped in tradition and rooted in rebellion. As testament, we’ve perfected a line of pure 100% Weber Blue agave, small-batch, craft tequilas.

      For over 11 generations, our ranchers have harnessed the natural elements on the single estate where all of our agave is hand-planted and hand-picked.

      Like his father before him, our third-generation master distiller learned his craft at the feet of his father. Among the lessons learned: respect tradition, but don’t be shackled to it.

      He knows tequila gets better with age. So we take our time. While others are satisfied with aging reposado two months, we age ours 11.

      While most anejos are aged 12 months, ours spends an average of 24 in a barrel.

      And because convention says to stop after double distillation, we triple distill our silver.

      Each of our award-winning tequilas is hand bottled in our signature triangle bottle emblazoned with an iconic Dia de los Muertos skull.


    Every bottle of Arta comes emblazoned with an iconic Dia de los Muertos skull. A fitting symbol of honoring your ancestors. Because here, heritage runs deep. From our 3rd generation master distiller who continues to refine the lessons of a lifetime, to our owner, who started Arta as a way to celebrate his father’s legacy. True to the Arta spirit, both have created a vibrant, hand-crafted tequila that honors heritage with a modern twist.