Rebellion Never Tasted so Smooth

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The Arta Artist Series

Born out of the idea that a true artist is both steeped in tradition and rooted in rebellion, our Arta Artist Series celebrates the shared spirit of inspiration, invention, and breaking conventions. We are proud to share the stories and work of select artists through a series of documentary films and on site promotions. Join us in raising a glass to our Arta Artists.

Joseph Martinez

Sandi Calistro

Arta Tequila

The Art of Tequila

For the individual who’s keenly aware of life’s rules but creates a new game, Arta is the small batch tequila that honors traditions, celebrates the present and toasts the future.

Behind The Bottle

What started as a tradition between father and son has grown into a celebration of life and legacy. Take a look behind the scenes at Arta Tequila.

Arta Varieties

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We know we make great-tasting tequila…and we’re not the only ones. Take a look at our awards:

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