The Production

If we don’t grow it, we don’t use it. We NEVER purchase agave from the open market.   All our tequilas are made with 100% Blue Weber agave that we grow on a single family-owned estate located in the birthplace of tequila itself, Arenal, Mexico in Jalisco. Over 11 generations, our agaveros have always treated the land right by using land preservation farming methods like crop rotation and well-spaced plantings.  We never use pesticides on our plants.

Our agave grows for at least seven years before it is ripe enough to harvest and is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, determined by our Master distiller for the perfect sugar content. We may not grow the most or the fastest, but that’s the point—grow it healthy and full of juice.  When the agave is ready, the plant’s heart, called the “piña,” is hand harvested by our family “jimadors” who remove it’s thorny leaves with a long individually-made tool called a “coa.”

Modern tradition describes our processing methods.  We bake agave for 12 hours in steel autoclaves and rest them for 12 hours before they can be squeezed of all their beautiful agave juice. We hand select the best of our proprietary fruit yeast to activate fermentation and watch it closely until it is just right.  Eliminating the “heads and tails” each time to remove all bitterness and only redistilling the “heart” of the juice, we double distill Arta Reposado & Arta Añejo which go straight into 180-liter American white oak barrels to age.  Arta Silver gets put through the paces one more time for triple distillation to ensure the purest and smoothest silver you’ve ever tasted.

A process like this isn’t for everyone but then again, neither is Arta; a tequila as unique as those who drink it.