The Nectar of the Gods

According to Aztec mythology, tequila was created through a rebellious love story. Legend says: To escape grandmother’s jealousy, Mayahuel the goddess of fertility and Quetzalcoatl, god of redemption ran away to the mortal world and turned into two branches of a tree to hide from Tzintzimitl, who ordered their execution. Mayahuel was eaten by the star army and after burying, the first plant of Agave was born. Seeing Quetzalcoatl’s pain, the other gods wanted to relieve it and struck the agave with a lightening bolt. Once the fire was out, only the Heart of the Plant was pouring out the Blood of Mayahuel. Indigenous people walked by and tasted this sweet, seductive fermented nectar, a gift from the gods to alleviate pain and sorrow and to celebrate a life.

Arta believes making tequila is a labor of love and doesn’t rush the process. We gasp at the two-month minimum aging standard for reposado, and age ours 11. We laugh at the idea that 12 months is enough for god nectar añejo, so we took it to approximately 24. Convention says stop with double distillation, but we are never ones to follow the crowd, so we push it one step further and triple distilled our silver.

We hand bottle each of our tequilas in our signature triangle bottle emblazoned with our iconic Dia de las Muertos skull, a symbol celebrating an ancestors life. This type of attention to detail guarantees exceptional quality and purity in every bottle of Arta Tequila making it acceptable for your inner god and goddess.