The Arta Spirit

For the individual who’s keenly aware of life’s rules, but creates a whole new game, Arta is the small batch tequila that honors traditions, celebrates the present and toasts the future. 

After Arta Tequila owner Tony Mayer’s father passed, he reflected on the father-son moments that he and his father shared and the foundational life-lessons he passed down to him during hunting trips they took to Mexico. His father said, “Son this is the best advice I have, but now you need to have your own set of “brass balls.” Then he pulled out a blue box containing none other than two brass balls, which are prominently displayed in the Arta office. Borne out of the idea that a tequila company could be both steeped in tradition and rooted in rebellion, Tony purchased Arta Tequila in 2011 to honor his father’s legacy. The Mexican partnership of the single-family, multi-generational 250-year old family run distillery was a perfect fit.

As Arta Tequila extended family, we push the limits of distillation and aging to an art form by creating a full line of award-winning, small-batch tequilas–so you can focus on celebrating the art of life! That’s what it’s all about anyway. From birth to bottle, we create handcrafted tequilas that are as unique as those who drink them.